Outreach activities

All ESRs and ERs organized the following outreach activities during their involvement in SEDITRANS:

1. Participation to the “Spring of Sciences" initiative at UCL (March 2015). It was shown the behavior of river flows and sediment transports to students of different classes (primary school), in order to let them know the importance of studying it.

2. Newspaper Article (Phileleftheros, Cyprus). Sediment, its importance for the humanity and the study of its motion in the coastal zone (in Greek).

3. Lecture entitled “Study and Importance of Sea Sediment Motion” in non-scientific audience under the series “Voice to Young Scientists” organized by the “Youthboard of Cyprus”, 10/06/2015, Limassol, Cyprus.

4. A ‘Marie Curie Project Open-day’ at the Hydraulics Laboratory of Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, was organized in February 2015. The activity consisted in a presentation of research work and in a visit at the lab for 50 students from high school. A similar event was organized for another group of 15 students from high school in July 2015. The goal for both the events was to promote MCA’s and also encourage and motivate the students to pursue research careers.

5. All ESRs and ERs presented some basic physical concepts of water and sediment to a wide audience during Researcher’s Night in September 2015 and 2016.