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Efstratios Fonias is a Civil Engineer graduated from National Technical University of Athens, Greece the year 2009. He continued his postgraduate studies in National Technical University of Athens, Greece acquiring a Master of Science degree in Coastal Engineering (with honors) the year 2012 conducting research in water wave propagation in coastal areas through Boussinesq modeling. He was accepted for doctorate studies in University of Patras, Greece where he worked on CFD modeling for studying the impact of oscillatory flows concerning the forces imposed on submerged pipelines close to flat bathymetries. In the year 2014 he has entered the SEDITRANS project as a joint PhD candidate of University of Cyprus, Cyprus, and University of Patras, Greece, working on the development of CFD code for Large Eddy Simulations of particle-laden turbulent flows using the immersed boundary (IB) method focused on the investigation of sediment transport in coastal areas.

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