ZORDAN Jessica (jessica.zordan@epfl.ch)








Jessica Zordan, Environmental Engineer. She got Bachelor and Master degrees (graduation on April 2013) at the University of Padova following the “Soil Protection” curriculum. The Master thesis was conducted at the Université Joseph Fourier of Grenoble working in the environmental geotechnical laboratory, studying the bio-mechanical behavior of municipal solid waste, through experiment and modelling. As result of this research her work was published, after the presentation at theSardina Symposium 2013, in the International Journal of Integrated Waste Management, Science and Technology. From May 2013 to February 2014 she has worked in an analysis laboratory as environmental consultant. In March 2014 she was accepted and has started as PhD assistant (people.epfl.ch//jessica.zordan?lang=en) at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), in the Hydraulic Construction laboratory (LCH), and involved in the SEDITRANS project. Her field of research will focus on morphological changes in reservoirs and in the vicinity of man-made structures due to the transfer of fine sediments by turbidity currents. The issue of sediment deposition upstream of impounding structures (e.g., dams) results in loss of storage, may cause silting of reservoirs or blocking of intakes and eventual accumulation of polluting materials, with important economic costs. She will perform laboratory experimentsfor the evaluation of preventing measures and to assess the efficacy of mitigation measures such as flushing through outlets, sediments sluicing and turbidity venting.

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