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Teresa Paone is an Aerospace Engineer, born in Naples, Italy, on 27th April 1989. She studied at the University of Naples Federico II completing her Bachelor’s studies on December 2010 with a thesis entitled “Heat transfer on the base surface of a low-aspect-ratio cylinder in crossflow”. On 2013 she performed her Master’s internship at Noesis Solutions (Leuven, Belgium). Based on that work she wrote a thesis entitled “Multidisciplinary Design Optimization: new methodologies for system reduction techniques and optimization for mixed discrete/continuous problems” and she graduated with honors on April 2014.

On September 2014, she joined the Marie Curie Initial Training Network “SEDITRANS”, as a PhD Candidate at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal. The objectives of thesis are i) to characterize and quantify the influence of suspended sediment on the properties of turbulent flows in the vicinity of vertically mounted blunt obstacles and ii) to gain new insights on the mechanisms of local scour in the presence of suspended sediment. Methodology combines experimental work to gather empirical evidence and modification of an existing Large Eddie Simulation tool, calibrated with the data obtained in the lab. Experimental tests will include ADV measurements of three-dimensional velocity components around a cylinder mounted on mobile and fixed beds. Different suspended sediment concentrations will be tested. Concentrations will be monitored with optical methods. A suspended sediment transport module will be included in the LES model which, once calibrated, will allow for an exploration of a wider parameter range in what concerns Re and Fr numbers and thus new advances in the characterization of local scour processes.

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