Dr. Marcelo Leite Ribeiro is a civil engineer with around 12 years of experience in fluvial hydraulics, sediment transport, hydraulic structures and development of hydropower projects.

After 2 years of experience in small hydropower projects in Brazil, he moved to Switzerland where he followed a Master of Advanced Studies in Hydraulic Schemes (MAS, 2003-2005, part-time) and he was awarded a PhD in Civil Engineering (2011), both at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

In Switzerland, he worked as an engineer at the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions (LCH-EPFL) for 7 years in both research (MAS and PhD) and private projects. During that time, He acquired a considerable experience in physical and numerical hydraulic modeling. The subjects of his MAS and PhD were reservoir sedimentation and morphodynamic of river confluences respectively. Since 2011, he is working at Stucky SA in projects involving mainly conception, design, technical-economic analysis and construction of different parts of a hydropower scheme (hydraulic structures, dams, etc.).

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