Numerical simulation of turbulent flows and sediment transport
Winter School & Workshop at UCY (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Date: 11-13 February 2015

Lecture series on numerical modelling of turbulent flow and sedimet transport:

  • Introduction to CFD simulations equations, numerical methods, codes, applications: D.G.E. Grigoriadis (UCY)
  • Introduction to turbulence. Overview, challenges, modeling approaches (LES/DNS/RANS): D.G.E. Grigoriadis (UCY)
  • Homogeneous & non-homogenous turbulence, experimental databases to validate CFD codes: R. Ferreira (IST)
  • LES, theory and applications: V. Armenio (UNITS)
  • Numerical simulation of sediment transport. Clear-water and mixture layer models: S. Soares Frazao (UCL)
  • Applications of the immersed boundary method wall bounded, sediment-laden and free surface flows: A.A. Dimas (UPAT)
  • Upscaling approaches to turbulent environmental flows: M. Franca (EPFL)
  • Research activities of the UCY Oceanography Center: George Georgiou (UCY)
  • Marie-Curie Proposals in Horizon 2020: P. Papazoglou (UCY)

Workshop with presentations by SEDITRANS Fellows and invited researchers:

  • Phase coupling regimes & sediment transport: S. Fonias, (ESR, UCY)
  • Free surface flow modeling &  sediment transport: C. Frantzis, (ESR, UCY)
  • Recent progress in two-phase modelling and simulation of subaqueous granular flows: D. Monsorno (ESR, UCL)
  • Preparatory work for the experiments on sediment-laden density underflows and a word on the progress of the activities at LCH-EPFL: J. Zordan (ESR, EPFL)
  • Dynamics of particle entrainment and disentrainment: F. Antico (ESR, IST)
  • LES of suspended sediment transport: M. Jourabian (ESR, UNITS)
  • Two-dimensional 2-phase modeling of controlled sediment deposition during floods: the case study of the Bevieux off-stream settling basin: M. Launay (ER, STUCKY)
  • Modeling of side induced sediment-laden flows: M. Sfouni-Grigoriadou (ESR, FUGRO)
  • Effect of suspended sediment concentration on local scour: T. Paone (ESR, IST)
  • Flow and sediment transport in rivers with cross-sections of arbitrary shape: F. Franzini (UCL)
  • Evaluation of friction terms on shallow water equations during sediment transport: I. Fent (ESR, UCL)
The event was attended by all 12 ESRs and the 1 ER of SEDITRANS that had started work at that time, as well as by about 6 more researchers of the Catholic University of Louvain and University of Cyprus.